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“Tracy is a blessing. She definitely is the hardest working attorney I’ve ever met. She is very knowledgeable in her field and very passionate about children involved. I’ve recommended her to friend[s] who have been extremely satisfied with her results! If [you] love your child, she’s the one for you!”

- Mike W.

“She is a bulldog. You will never find an attorney with a bigger heart or a tougher position! She went up against a man with a criminal record and never backed down."

 - Virginia L.

“Tracy is the best! Very satisfied with the outcome of my child support case. Was nervous, concerned, and had lots of questions. She made me feel at ease and secure with my decisions. Tract is very knowledgeable, very powerful, and knows her stuff in the courtroom.”

- Candy H.

“Ms. Toledo was willing to take time from her personal life while on vacation to consult with me. She answered every question I had even after she knew she would not be able to take my case due to time constraints.”

- Brandon L.

“This lady is one of a kind. She moves fast and efficient. She rocks and truly cares. Me and my husband could not have selected a better atty. She made the difference in our case. I highly recommend Tracy. She simply cares.”

– Nora

“Getting divorced is difficult even when you want it. I honestly can’t imagine getting through it without Tracy Toledo’s support and knowledge. She made me feel brave when I thought I’d fall apart.”

- Anonymous

“Tract was there for my kids & I during the divorce. She answered all my questions during the day & sometimes at night. She was there for me during the tears with a box of tissues, a huge and strength to get through it.”

- Anonymous

“I thoroughly am pleased with Ms. Toledo. I swear this woman doesn’t sleep! She is on her game! After many consultations no one matched up to her high energy and obvious passion for the field she is in. She gets excited to work on your case and she is on point!”

- Anna B.

“She saved my life. Quick response. I was frantic and she was very accommodating and assured me that I would be ok with her help. She was highly referred by my client. I am pleased. Thank you so much.”

- Julianna H.

“She is the most amazing person! Received a call back from her almost immediately. I would refer any friends and family to see her. She answered all my questions and gave me an ever better and faster route to getting my issue resolved.”

- Monica B.

“Tracy is hands down the best family law attorney you can hire in the Central Valley. No[t] only is her talent and experience evident in action, but she cares.”

- Jennifer B.